Once you click on the "Analyze", you are taken directly to the "Summary" page. Summary communicates your social media value through Revfluence as well as the value of your social media published outside of the Revfluence platform. Summary shows your total number of impressions (number of people who potential have seen your posts), total media value, total engagement rate and much more.

The Time Range tool show your brand a comparison of the difference in value gained from posts published in the last day, week, month, and all time by your creators.

The Creators Tool divides the value gained through your social media campaigns by creators that your brand has utilized through Revfluence and all of the people on social media who have used your brands handle or tagged your brand in a picture (Ex: @revfluence).

Your brands Top Performers are based off of the Total Media Value realized, based off of the Total Media Value pie chart, broken down by individual posts.

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